Best Apple Watch Bands – Apple Watch Bands for Men

Best Apple Watch Bands - Apple Watch Bands for Men

As a follow on to our very popular earlier piece The Best Apple Watch Bands for Women, today we’re going to run through the best Apple Watch bands for men! As we all know that question is pretty subjective but what we can say for certain is which bands on are the most popular. We will take a look at the colours and styles men keep coming back for. This can be useful if you’re wondering what’s popular at the moment or if you’re shopping for a man in your life and need some ideas! We have finished compiling the results so let’s start with our countdown and review of the five Best Apple Watch Bands for Men on

Number 5: Modern Sports Apple Watch Bands

Modern Sports Bands have a very comfortable soft touch feel together with colour combinations that strongly appeal to men. Red-Black, Black-Grey, Black-White and Black-Black have all proven to be popular colour combinations. With these bands the main band colour matches well with the darker watch cases. These can be complemented with a black, grey or white inner band which shows just enough to really bring the bands to life. Thanks to notches all around the band, they readily fit a very wide range of wrist sizes. See below for some pics of why these are some of the best Apple Watch bands for men.

Number 4: Luxury Leather Apple Watch Bands

Everybody loves the smell and feel of leather and these bands play the part perfectly. A Luxury Leather Apple Watch Band can give your Apple Watch a timeless classic look that people will notice. The natural leather material will breathe and stretch slightly so that it moulds to your wrist for maximum comfort. Men love these bands with the most popular colours being dark brown, brown and black. Smarta Watches also offers Casual Leather Apple Watch Bands and Signature Leather Apple Watch Bands to complement the range.

Number 3: Stainless Steel Apple Watch Bands

If you’re looking for something sturdy and reliable, Smarta Watches has a great selection of Stainless Steel Bands that have been very popular with men. The black and silver bands go without saying but the Mix Black stainless steel band brings another option for anyone wanting to change it up a little. Other winners in this category are our Luxury Stainless Steel Apple Watch Bands which come in Silver and Black and are also very popular with men looking for a touch of luxury.

Number 2: Bright Sports Apple Watch Bands

Men love our soft Bright Sports Apple Watch Bands. These versatile bands bring comfort and character to your Apple Watch. Waterproof and durable they come in a huge range of sizes and colours and at less than $15 AUD each are very affordable. Men often choose the Black and Midnight Blue colours and regularly buy second and third brighter colours to wear on Fridays or on a night out!

Number 1: Milanese Loop Apple Watch Bands

These Apple Watch bands have sophistication coupled with versatility. The stylish metallic look, comfort and practicality of Milanese Loops make them highly sought after. Just attach the band and place the magnetic end piece on the strap and your set to impress Italian style! Milanese loops can perfectly colour match your Apple Watch case and cater for a huge range of wrist sizes. Popular colours for men are Black, Space Black, Space Grey, Silver and Retro Gold.

Well there you have it, the top 5 Apple Watch bands for men. We ship all Australian orders next business day directly from our Sydney warehouse. Keep a look out for our special FREE shipping days and get 10% off all Apple Watch Bands with code APPLE10 but only at!

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