Apple Watch Series 7 Cases and Protectors 

If you’re lucky enough to have been able to pick up an Apple Watch Series 7 then you’re probably here wondering what to do for a protector. Unfortunately, the technical specs for the Series 7 were released only shortly before the watch itself and so the availability of customised Series 7 protectors is currently limited. We now have some protectors in stock but they won’t last long, some colours have already sold out!

Which Protectors Are Available?

Clear Films, Clear Protectors, Soft TPU Cases, Soft TPU Bumpers and Clear Soft Cover Apple Watch Screen Protectors are all now in limited stock for Series 7 Apple Watches:   

Size Comparison

The below shows the difference in dimensions of the Series 6 compared to the Series 7. As you can see the Series 7 case is bigger for the small screen version and slightly bigger for the large screen version.     

Apple Watch Series 7 Vs Series 6 Dimensions Compared

Some 44mm Cases Will Also Work on 45mm Series 7

We have tested our Bumper protectors and they do fit on the 45mm Series 7 Apple Watch. As these bumpers are made from soft TPU plastic, a 1mm difference in height between the two models is not enough to stop the case from fitting on a 45mm Series 7. Unfortunately we currently don’t have access to a 41mm Series 7 to test those also so we don’t know if a 40mm bumper will work on the Series 7 41mm model. That one could go either way as the Series 7 41mm is bigger in both height and width. But if you have a 45mm Series 7, you can safely buy one of the below listed 44mm bumper protectors and it should still fit well: 

When Will More Customised Series 7 Cases Arrive?  

The next lot are due to arrive in late December. 

We will keep this page updated as things change.